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best business ideas in bangladesh

Best business ideas in Bangladesh

Business ideas in Bangladesh 2021

If you have proper business idea in Bangladesh 2021 then can make your business plan perfectly And top innovative business ideas can fulfill your business dream. Because innovative means what? What is unique and effective business ideas.. And all innovative business idea will show you the right way. Example What business you should do. How you can grow that business what you have to do, all kind of idea you will get from the best innovative business idea in Bangladesh website.

So now  here I am to tell you about the best innovative business ideas. What will show you the right way about business. This best innovative ideas will show you what type of business you have to do and what type of business you can start with low amount of money. Also this innovative business ideas will show you doing what types of business you can get your expected business success.


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You know in Bangladesh there is a huge opportunity to do business anywhere and you can make money by doing proper business. So as a Bangladeshi if you want to do start your business with proper investment and if you want to get success from your business then you have to follow  the best innovative business ideas. So read this full article to know about the best business ideas in Bangladesh. What business  you can start also today.

Best innovative Business ideas 2021 in Bangladesh

Open a little Scale Super shop  Business in Bangladesh

A Small-scale super shop business is profitable business concepts in Bangladesh. This is the most easy and super growing business in Bangladesh if you are a beginner also. You can make huge money from this business. But for doing this business Location is incredibly necessary for this business. A busy territorial dominion may be a good place to start out. 450 to five hundred sq ft is house is ideal to start out a little super shop. you’ll rent one or 2 staff to assist you during this business. The minimum investment is one million (10 Lack) BDT.

Fashion House

Fashion House
Fashion House

At the current time, fashion house business may be a terribly appropriate business in Bangladesh. This is the another best innovative business ideas in Bangladesh in 2021-2025.If you are beginners in business profession. Then you can choose this innovative business. Because fashion house business is become the most popular business toady’s in the Bangladesh not only Bangladesh also in all over the world.

But  Before beginning fashion house business you must do some arrange. an ideal business arrange is needed to start out this profitable business in Bangladesh. You have need to do proper plan,enough money, perfect places or online platform,good products, and also you have need to arrange some thing before start your fashion house business. Like super look business, the minimum investment is one million (10 Lack) BDT. Location is that the key for this business. you’ll conjointly run on-line look too.

Baby and Mother’s Product Business

Baby product
Baby product

This is the another best innovative business ideas.But to growing your business you have to choose the best places. The product area unit terribly sensitive. close to hospital, a mostly territorial dominion is that the good location to start out this business. it’s terribly profitable tiny business concepts Bangladesh based mostly. You can sell baby diapers baby shop, baby cream and many products. You can earn huge amount of money doing this baby and mother,s care business.So choose this best innovative business ideas to make your dream fulfill in business sector.

Open a baby Toy Business in Bangladesh

Baby Toys
Baby Toys

The industry is new in Bangladesh. The foremost of the toys business are returning from China. you’ve got to shop for them in wholesale from national capital and metropolis wherever the products price  is cheap. Before beginning toy business in Bangladesh, .But you’ve need to do analysis the market.

One factor you’ve got to stay in mind that toys business is not suitable for all places in Bangladesh. You have need to choose the best places in any city or small town or you can choose a place for your business in village market. But for you if you can choose your  baby toy business in city or in small town then it would be better for you.

Students  Stationary products buy business

Stationary library
                                                                    Stationary library

Let’s introduce another tiny profitable business plan in Bangladesh. it’s a neighborhood business plan however terribly profitable. A stationary products buy business for students is that the most suitable choice whereas your investment is low. Besides faculty, college, the university is that the good location to start out. Just you have need to start your business after buy some good stationary products from the wholesale products sell market.

Fast Food look Business

Fast Food
                                                                      Fast Food

Ahh! this is often the one in all my most favorite business plan during this list. Food is The most favorite of the young entrepreneurs business in Bangladesh. That’s why This is one of the most and best interest during this profitable business 2021. Especially, within the huge cities like national capital, the metropolis is that the place wherever you’ll begin sustenance look business. All-time a decent service and obviously a good place placement is that the key to success. If you can manage a good place and also if you have good knowledge on this business then you can your expected success. And if you can do well this business then you can grow your fast food business quickly. i believe that the minimum investment for start this fast food business is around five to seven lack BDT.

Coffee Shop Business

A small coffee bar business is best to possess innovative business idea In Bangladesh.  There’s few coffee bar you can find in the area of Bangladesh .Area unit solely marketing occasional. If you wish to start out your own business for a protracted time then you’ll opt for this innovative business idea in 2021. Notably, a business arrange you’ve got to form wherever no choice to do mistakes.

Personally, i do know a bloke in Bangladesh some unique area was unsuccessful during this business because of location. You have to make a proper plan to start this business. You have need the proper instrument to start this  unique business. To start this business you have not need huge space or something.

Anyone can start this coffee shop business

anywhere in Bangladesh.In front of college,university,school ,  A billboard space, close to the park, the shopping precinct is that the appropriate place to start out coffee bar business. You have need minimum 2 lacks Bangladeshi Taka to start your coffee shop business.

Mobile Phone shop business Best innovative business business ideas 2021 in Bangladesh

This would be another chance to start out own business in Bangladesh. You can do this business easily with low amount of investment. You can start your own mobile market business in any proper area in Bangladesh. Because Bangladesh is the most growing nation in the world here is the huge amount of peoples who have mobile phone everyday. So here in Bangladesh have a huge needed marketplace.

You can start this business easily in the town,or small town or in village market. So first of all choose the right place for start you shop then create a linkup to the mobile phone exporter or direct company who will provide these phone. Then design your shop and start your mobile market business. You can sell your products also through online. on -line advertising or on-line version of your look will increase sales. To start this mobile market business you have need minimum 10 lacks Bangladeshi BDT.

Small building contract Business

                                                                    Building business

The building business is one in all the trending business concepts in Bangladesh. Here in Bangladesh have a huge opportunity to growing this business. You can see all real sates business who are start their business from making small building contract. If you can do this business then you can get huge work everyday and by making building completely you can make huge amount of money.But you have need to do your all work properly. Because when anyone will come to you for making their building then he/ she will must follow your previous work.

So if you can delivery your all work with client satisfaction then you will get more building making contract and you can grow your business rapidly. But the most truth is, eightieth of the building is losing their investment. On the opposite hand, less 2 hundredth building is creating a giant quantity of profit. therefore before wondering this business,

you’ve got to form an ideal business arrange. you want to verify your strength and weakness. during this business concepts list, it’s one in all the foremost profitable plan, you have need to do marketing your business properly once your business will spread to the peoples then they will become interested to work with you. However in this building contract business have conjointly difficulty.

Barber or salon look business in Bangladesh

Barbers shop

This is associate evergreen business plan 2021 whereas you’re doing another business. you’ll take salon business as a part-time business conjointly. Creativity, marketing, and smart behavior is that the key to success in an exceedingly new salon business in Bangladesh. Here in Bangladesh this barber or salon look business have huge opportunity. You can start this business anywhere in Bangladesh. If you can decorate your salon or barber shop properly then you will get huge customers.

But you have need must some salon expert who will give salon and message services to the customers. If your client become satisfied then your barber or salon business will be growing quickly and you can make huge amount of money. There area unit variant salons area unit on the market in an exceedingly single space. you’ve got to search out and you have need to make sure out why customers can are available your salon. Is there any specialty? You have need to provide better service from other barber or salon.

Cosmetics buy ladies

The cosmetics business is quick growing in Bangladesh instead of the other business. primarily the women area unit the most customers for this business. most the women area unit wont to by exploitation any cosmetics item. You can start this business in any small town ,village market,or you can start this business in big town. Here in Bangladesh cosmetics buy business have a huge opportunity. You can grow your business quickly and you can make huge amount of profit .

So to do this business you have need to select any best area then design your shop with good ladies cosmetic products. You can keep foregin cosmetic products  to growing your sell. And obviously you have need to make sure everyone you’re your shop business products is better than any other cosmetics shop and you are providing orginal products. You can sell these ladies cosmetic products also through online.Around thirty fifth to four-hundredth or a lot of may be earned from this business. you’ll open an internet cosmetics look conjointly to form a lot of sales.

An Ice-cream look business.

A good location, quality of ice-cream, well decoration is that the 3 principles thing to do start your ice cream shop business. during this business Indeed,. You can make any canteen in any school ,college or university. Then just decorate your shop properly and keep good ice cream products. Associate ice-cream look may be a profitable business plan.

A fixed value buy men’s product

Men's products shop
Men’s products shop
                                                           Men’s products shop

This is the another best profitable and innovative  business ideas in Bangladesh. Fixed value mean’s products business look is usually a profitable business. In Bangladesh this men,s products business have a huge demand. Nowadays every man use beauty and their necessary products. So to do this business you have need to select a good area. Then you have need to design your shop with good men,s products. The most important thing it is that you have need to marketing your business properly.

You have to make sure to your every customers that you are the best men,s  products provider. I mean you have to make sure to your every customers that your shop men’s products is better than any other men’s products shop in that area where you will do your business. You can make huge amount of money to do this men’s products buy business .once you targeted customers all area unit men then you’ve got to sell all the men’s product. From saving foam to shoes are your product.

A good location, quality of ice-cream, well decoration is that the 3 principles thing to do start your ice cream shop business. during this business Indeed,. You can make any canteen in any school ,college or university. Then just decorate your shop properly and keep good ice cream products. Associate ice-cream look may be a profitable business plan.Start associate fish store holl sell look Business in Bangla Desh

Start associate fish store holl sell look Business in Bangladesh

Generally, your customers will be interested enough as a result of they require to shop for associate fish store shop .you can start fish holl sell business in any one small town,town,or in any big city. You will just buy huge fish together from the pond owner then you can buy all of the fish in many big fish market as a holl sell. You have  need to store these fish. The quality of full fish store you’ve got to show. this is often a slow business instead of alternative businesses however still terribly profitable. Again,  to do this business the situation and services area unit the keys to success.

Used product get and Sell

This is another affordable business concepts in Bangladesh moreover as within the world too. The business is easy, you’ll get used product and create some repair and sell it to a different client. as an example, mobile, laptop, computers, TV is that the product for this business. But to do this business you have need to do create a shop in online and you have need to do marketing your used buy and sell shop properly. on-line advertising is that the choice to get or sell. A decent quantity of cash may be earned simply if you’re a tough employee.

Open a Bar

The juice bar may be a profitable plan to start out your own business. You can start a mini restaurant where you will provide different items of drinks.But to do this business you have need the government permit. Instant you  At the offset, you wish around seven to eight lack to start out.

Electronic product marketing look Business in Bangladesh

This business is most trending and remunerative business concepts currently in Bangladesh. Like alternative shop’s business location is that the key to do this business. So to start this business just select a proper place then design you shop nicely with best electronic products. And make sure you can provide best electronic products than other shopkeeper. If you can do this business properly then you can make huge amount of money from this business.

So here is the best innovative business ideas 2019 in Bangladesh. You can choose any of these ideas from these list and you can start your business today. But always time remind that proper plan is the main key to make successful any business. So pick any best innovative business idea then make a proper plan do your business and make huge money from your business. To get more best business ideas keep with us

producing Fabrication Plant

A manufacturing fabrication plant is facility that will fastening, machining and produces aluminium ferous end merchandise. it’s huge investment huge profit business. you would like ability men and heap of machinery for this business.

Crane and Lifting Service

Crane and liftings service is huge investment business. Construction and producing units need crane or lifting instrumentality. you’ll to} supply crane & lifting services to the client and earn cash.

Transportation services

In this business, you would like to supply facility of transportation to the client. you’ll to} supply automotive or bus facility to finish user. It will be by decision or pre-book facility. you would like to speculate heap of cash for getting automotive and bus.

Automotive Parking Services

Car parking service may be a recent thought, as you recognize that parking automotive within the business space is usually a retardant if you’ve got large house you’ll to} utilize this house by providing safe and secure automotive parking place.

Petrol Pump

Petrol pump or gasoline station may be a business possibility that demands large capital investment. except for cash, you would like nice deal of house, labor and machinery for this business. price of putting in is additionally high.

Wedding Hall or Party Plot

A big house will be reborn to wedding hall or party plot. you will got to pay heap of cash for adornment and development of the world. you’ll to} generate excellent revenue from this business.

Gold Ornament search

Gold Ornament search is another huge investment business plan. during this business you would like to speculate cash in shopping for gold ornament inventory. except for that you simply need appropriate place ideally within the market space for beginning business. a hit of this business depends on your experience and networking skills.

Machine business

Printing press is another business plan. during this business, you would like to get printing machineries. confirm you’ve got enough business to ascertain machine. it’s sensible plan to start out machine on lease at initial stage.

Peer a pair of Peer disposition Business

Peer a pair of Peer disposition Business is business of cash. during this business you would like to lend cash and earn interest financial gain. you’ve got to use caution in choosing the recipient. Don’t forget to form legal agreement before disposition cash.

Internet Service supplier

The demand of web is growing so beginning web business is smart. you’ve got to be knowledgeable enough to start out web service supplier business. This business demands significant investment for getting instrumentality and establishing network.

Computer creating

Knowledge of pc is needed in virtually each field. This makes pc category profitable business possibility. This business demands investment in terms of shopping for computers and alternative sticking out and networking instrumentality.

Business plan of edifice

Starting a edifice may be a excellent business plan. This business plan demands heaps of investment. except for cash conjointly would like competent and intimate with men.

Oxygen confab bottle

Oxygen gas business is next business plan. element and alternative gases square measure wide utilized in medical and industrial field. you’ll decide to begin your own element gas cylinder business or alternative gas offer business.

Business plan of Battery

Next business plan is battery search. each 2 wheeler and 4 wheeler needs battery. so beginning a mercantilism business of battery is profitable affair. you would like to form heap of investment so as to start out battery search.

Business plan of Cement

Infrastructure development is on boom and cement may be a prime demand for this initiative. so beginning a cement business would be a profitable affair. you’ll either take franchise of Cement Company and begin mercantilism or establish your own cement manufacturing plant.

Spice or Masala Powder

Next successful business plan is beginning business of Spice or Masala Powder. you would like to pay cash so as to start out this business. you’ll either develop your own set of spice or take franchise of alternative noted masala powder firms.


If you’ve got heaps of cash, you’ll become a usurer and begin your own disposition business. you would like to use caution before disposition cash else, you will do.

Nursing college

The school of nursing needs heaps of staff and license for this business. you furthermore mght would like trainers so as to coach your employees.

Modeling Agency

A modeling agency may be a company that represents fashion models, to figure for the style trade. A Modeling agency earns financial gain via commission.

Pathology science lab

You need to speculate cash in shopping for instrumentality needed for pathology. except for that, you would like to rent a technician for the science lab. you would like to require permission and license before beginning pathology.

Sales and marketing based business


Network selling or Multi Level selling (MLM) is out and away the simplest little business for individuals with ability for sales. Collaborate with major yankee MLM corporations like Cutco, Amway, Avon Cosmetics et al to open your business.


Buying life, health, vehicle and residential insurance is tough. Hence, prospective purchasers explore for agents WHO will make a case for varied aspects of a policy. Insurance corporations additionally depend on agents to reinforce their sales and increase market share. With some information of finance and insurance, this is often a reasonably remunerative little business.


Dealing in realty will prove terribly profitable within the U.S.. individuals move homes to match their monetary standing or whereas relocating for jobs. you’ll be able to tie-up with an oversized realty company and work as their sub-agent or launch your own business.


Stationery is needed by everyone- from students to corporations little and enormous. obey from faculties and offices for activity letter paper like letterheads, envelopes, receipt and invoice books.


Design advertisements, stationery, logos, invite cards and much of different stuff employing a pc. this is often associate degree evergreen business within the U.S.. However, you wish a high level creativeness for this little business

Online based business ideas 2021


Cyber security is growing concern these days with corporations tiny and huge. whereas big firms have elaborate cyber security departments that monitor information superhighway and company’s portable computer systems to forestall hack, phishing, spyware and ransom-ware attacks little organizations cannot afford such infrastructure. For this Reason many big company take cyber security service from many establised cyber security company. You have to make establish your business first. You have to marketing your business perfectly .And obviously you have to provide this cyber security service properly. IT consultants will launch entiny low business on-line from home. You can make huge amount of money from this cyber security service business. If you can do well this business.


This is one of the best online bass business ideas like e commerce.Fast Moving trade goods (FMCG) makers, banks, newspapers and plenty of alternative tiny business ideas. These days accept content writers to submit product reviews. These freelance reviews feature on company websites. alternative businesses run freelance blogs to market product and services. With nice writing skills, you’ll be able to open a content writing and blogging business. You can make huge amount of money doing this blogging. This is one of the most popular and easy way todays in all over the the world. To make huge amount of money from online.

Software system development business

Americans spent US$ 360.3 billion For develop their software in 2016. This figure is anticipated to grow to US$ 630.4 billion by 2021. So think about this. How good business ideas it it. If you can establish a good software system development business then you can not imagine that how much money you can earn. But for make money you have to marketing your business properly and you have provide your software system development service properly. Consequently, e-retailers would force quicker and easy mobile apps to draw in customers. to boot, the demand for varied varieties of software system for accounting, tax calculation and alternative functions is already high. For IT consultants experienced in software system development, this is often one among the nice tiny business ideas on-line.

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