Tuesday , May 28 2024

Business Ideas

The more you fail, the more techniques you’d know to rise up again, and return stronger. They’re the ideas that set a new standard those that upended everything that came before. And they each started with somebody just like you. We can all identify the problem. It takes a visionary to see the solution. The idea: What came of it: The best way to be missed when you’re gone is to stand for something when you’re here. Quit or be exceptional. Average is for losers.” “Sure, ideas that spread win. But ideas that don’t get spoken always fail.

1. Processing of business idea —

An innovative or rational undertaking As an organizational process, the task of entrepreneurship is to revitalize and promote the economy by breaking old routines and patterns. Moreover, a business opportunity can be viewed in terms of entrepreneurial cognition of the idea situation, the entrepreneur’s internal model of it, arising out of the entrepreneur’s construal of not only the situation’s temporary dimension, window of opportunity and key idea elements, but also of their interrelationships. It is through these three factors and their relations that the entrepreneur constructs an internal model of the opportunity.

2. Theoretical background —

entrepreneurship as the creation of new business Idea. A core attribute of entrepreneurship is the ability to develop and exploit business ideas .Some have gone as far as claiming that in today’s complex and ever-changing financial and business environments, venture opportunities and the ability to recognize and seize them are more vital to success than the entrepreneurs/manager’s personal characteristics or the firm’s efficiency which states that the central weapon in the strategic arsenal of business organizations is the ability to create and exploit new venture opportunities. This represents a remarkable opening gambit to a wider mindset in which entrepreneurship is regarded as a strategic competence, capable of being utilized in all manner of organizations. Entrepreneurial Creativity as Discovery and Exploitation of Business Opportunities existing knowledge content. For example, work ing on a jigsaw puzzle, we know that each piece has a specific place in the overall picture. Through diligence and a systematic approach to the task, the pieces can eventually be fitted together. Business is not a jigsaw puzzle. Instead, it constitutes a situation in wh ich you have a few pieces, but no idea as to what to make of them. Relying on your creati ve talent you have to figure out what the pieces are all about and how to arrange them into something meaningful. Similarly, the entrepreneur must work out how to combine the snippets of information to come up with a viable solution. And not only that, the entrepreneur also needs to learn from that experience, in order to draw on this personal resource in analogous situations.