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Business Process Management

What Is Business Process Management

Business Process Management 

Business Process Management

Business Process Management (Automation & Workflow), is the practice of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of any organization by automating the organization’s business processes. used to be also know as Business Process Reengineering (BPR). As a matter of fact.

MBA of Business Automation & Workflow Management Course

  • Your company reengineering using the available new business technologies.

Many companies have business processes that are unique to its business model. Since these processes tend to evolve over time as the business reacts to market conditions, the solution you choose must be easily adaptable to the new conditions and requirements and continue to be a perfect fit for the company.

In other words you need to automate your company operations, in order to continue competitive in your market.

The Online Business Automation & Workflow Management Curriculum

The Online Business Automation & Workflow Management curriculum would provide a first level exposure to all the building blocks, decision making issues, and emerging technological advances in the area of Business Automation & Workflow Management, including

  • CIO Chief Information Officer Role

  • General Control Theory

  • Feedback Control System

  • Enterprise Resources Planning ERP

  • Essentials of Business Automation & Workflow Management
  • How to Design an Automation Workflow – Module 1
  • How to Design an Automation Workflow – Module 2

    Who Should Attend?

    1. Industry professionals who wish to understand the fundamental issues and emerging trends in this important area
    2. Academics who are teaching or planning to teach a course on Business Automation & Workflow Management at undergraduate or Master’s level
    3. Senior undergraduate students, Master’s students, and research students who wish to obtain a sound exposure to the area of Business Automation & Workflow Management
    4. Any Information Technology IT professionals

      Why Earning an MBA Degree From Anywhere Else
      May Be a Waste of 1000-3000s of Hours of Your Time?

      In articles published recently in Business 2.0, National Post, the Chicago Sun-Times, and the Chronicle of Higher Education, Stanford Business School Professor Jeffrey Pfeffer stated that you may be just as successful in your career if you do a two or three week boot camp on business basics instead of a two-year MBA.

      And we complete: Or a similar course through the Internet.

      Professor Pfeffer analyzed 40 years of research on the economic value of an MBA degree. He concluded that it does not guarantee a successful career or a higher salary. His research was published in the Fall 2002 issue of the Academy of Management Learning and Education. Stanford graduate student Christina Fong was his co-author.

      Dr. Pfeffer is an expert in organizational behavior and has taught at elite American business schools for over 30 years.

      He says: “The simplest advice is that if you do not get into a leading business school, the economic value of the (MBA) degree is very limited. But there is not much evidence that the actual education does very much. Obviously, if you get admitted to Harvard or Stanford or another elite school, the very fact of your admission is going to increase your worth in the job market. Employers who hire brand-name MBA graduates do so on the basis of the quality of the student body at the school, not whether the students have acquired specific skills or knowledge with their degrees.”

      He also said “Little of what is taught to students in business school prepares them for the corporate workplace. One of the problems is that much of the business school curriculum has remained unchanged since the 1960s.”

      And we complete: Our online MBA Programs areas one of few designed to teach the modern business technology used by any modern company.

      “U.S. schools have also become slaves to magazine rankings, leading them to develop coddling devices such as professor-written lesson summaries to bolster their “student satisfaction” appraisals. When students are relieved of any sense of responsibility for their learning … they learn much less.”

      “A recent report from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, the primary accrediting body in North America lambasted its members for maintaining a curriculum that is out of touch with modern business practices. It said that preparation for the rapid pace of business cannot be obtained from textbooks and cases” said Professor Pfeffer.

      From the beginning, we designed Abet programs to overcome the problems inherent in MBA programs and business schools in the USA and elsewhere.

      Why waste thousands of hours of your time on a standard MBA when you can spend more or less 100-150 hours – only more or less 4-5 hours/week – on a online very modern MBA through the Internet?

      The new ways to do the Business


      Very modern and imperative matters are included in our MBA of Business Administration & e-Company. The old and standard Business Administration concepts included in any current MBA program are very important, but today the companies are very different.

      This new situation strongly demands a MBA program including the General Control Theory, the control engineering, the new business technologies, the Management by Exception concept automated by computer systems, the Feedback Control System, etc.

      The MBA of Business Administration & e-Company of ABET cannot be compared with a traditional MBA Master. He also teaches the traditional basic principles of a MBA Master, but in a way more concentrated. But if we refers about a more modern business administration, our course is superior because he teaches matters like CIO, CRM, ERP, VOIP, Call Centers, Tele Commuter, Geo-Spatial, etc., that now are the most demanded subjects by the companies.

      Because of that, our MBA of Business Administration & e-Company is also used as a complementation for any traditional MBA Master, that usually doesn’t include those matters.

      This point is very important. Because we have a strong technologic background AND the today’s different nature of the business, our MBA program covers the major business disciplines from a technology perspective, and considers the business and technology issues facing today’s companies.

      The business is more and more the technology, and vice-versa. The companies are more and more electronics, as for examples the ERP Enterprise Resources Planning, the CRM Customer Relationship Management, the Voice over IP VoIP, the sophisticated Call Centers, etc. Therefore, a modern Business Administrator must learn these new ways to do the business and how to manage these modern enterprises.

      Our MBA program is one of few of the world also including the following very modern matters concerning the new ways to do the business, as in the few examples below (we suggest to compare our MBA program with the others, because in today’s business these technology matters are imperatives):

      CIO Chief Information Officer Role

      CIO is the highest professional level among the professions related with the business administration together with the new digital and communication technologies. It is a professional with a business mind and is very important to know his role in today’s modern companies.

      ERP Enterprise Resources Planning

      ERP is presented in a conceptual way and without connections with any specific software manufacturer. We recommended this MBA program as fundamental for the managers of any ERP project, not specifically because of the matters on ERPs but yes by the concepts taught during the whole MBA program.

      e-Commerce & Internet Marketing Engineering

      Internet is the new media, the one of most future among the existent medias. This MBA program teaches how to do the Internet Marketing and at low cost, including also the e-Commerce, B2B, B2C, etc.

      CRM Customer Relationship Management

      With a general view of every angle, the computer system interacting directly with the clients through voice by phone (and voice recognition if necessary) without human actions, for marketing, sales, support, accounts, etc. In short, in any customer relationship with a company. In recent research with IT Managers, 41% answered that the CRM is the number one in the priorities list for the period 2002/2003.

      And also the new generation of sophisticated Call Centers with bidirectional voice operation and direct access to databases, etc.

      Enterprise Telephony VOIP Voice Over IP

      The Internet Telephony, the cost-effective way to communicate within your organization and/or your clients, gateways to add voice transmissions on your existing intranet data network and/or wide area.

      Two Diplomas plus a Certificate

      These two options doesn’t have additional cost and either are optional:

      • This course MBA of Business Administration & e-Company have 78 lessons, and the first 48 lessons are similar to the total 48 lessons of the course MBA of Chief Information Officer CIO. Like this being, when concluding the 48 initial lessons of the course MBA of Business Administration & e-Company and the respective test, we will be able to issue you an additional Diploma of MBA of Chief Information Officer CIO.

      • After the course and your specific write paper, we will issue you a Certificate to certify your knowledge in this field.

        The Business Administration concepts course
        for your childrenBusiness administration

        Business Administration for High School Students Course

        For any current or former High School Student
        interested to learn the MBA Profile. We are committed to helping all students from High School to be ready for University, work, and citizenship, offering the right preparation for any postsecondary education or employment pathway in the very important field of business administration. This course is strongly recommended for those High School students who intend to major in business education or pursue a business career.

        But naturally in a easy and Conceptual way,
        and absolutely not Formal.

        If you are an Executive or an Entrepreneur, you usually want your children to have at least the same future that you had. Like this being, you hope they finish the High School, study at an University, and later study a MBA. And that hope, we know, has a great priority in your life, surely the largest.

        This situation is more serious although you are an Entrepreneur that usually wants your children to be the followers of your Entrepreneurship life and at the proper time they assume the direction of your businesses.

        Not more natural than that. And therefore, anything not more natural that you prepare your children at once for that Executive or Entrepreneur future, learning now the Profile of a MBA of Business Administration in a conceptual way.

        We know a student’s of High School mind, but we never understood

        • why the society leaves that future to happen in a natural way… or never happen. And at a time when high schools must be pathways to University for all students, they are pathways to nowhere for many.

        It is exactly for this reason that, with a deep knowledge of the core of a MBA of Business Administration, we created this High School easy course Business Administration for High School Students.

        Our principle is very simply: In the High School your children will learn Mathematics and English and a lot more of subjects that are very important but franckly speaking, of little help for their Executive or Entrepreneur future lifes. Those maturity matters are imperative and very important for your children, but in our opinion why not simultaneously to learn the principles that will be the main business principles in their future life? Why to leave to the hazard the future of your children? And at the High School times, their minds are all ways very open for new knowledges.

        And more important, early they will learn the technical terms of the world of the business administration and what really they represent.

        This course is very advanced for your children?

        Absolutely not, instead of the fact that the MBA of Business Administration is a deep level subject, is possible to teach the basic principles and the basic Profile of that MBA in a Conceptual and not a Formal way, for High School students.

        We teach the basics of the

        • General Control Theory,

        • Closed Loop Control principles,

        • Management by Exception,

        • DAS/DDC Principles,

        • The CEO and CIO roles,

        • The role of the Technology in the modern business,

        • The role of the Internet in the modern business,

        • Project Management,

        • Marketing & Sales principles,

        • Leadership,

        • Strategic Management,

        • Human Resources

        in a way very appropriate for a High School student mind, only through the Internet, and your children will study only one or two hours per week.

        After this MBA Profile course

        Your children will receive a Diploma and a letter listing all business administration subjects studied.

        And that Diploma and letter will be very important for the future entrance of your children in an University or in a formal course of MBA, mainly if they want a future as an Executive or an Entrepreneur.

        In other words, this course will help a lot your children in their future studies in the fields of the business administration, either in the University or a post graduation.

        The cost of that course is by family,
        and not by each student

        See the cost in the table in mbacosts.htm. However, that cost can be by family, and not by student.

        With the following pre-requirements:

        • The applicant should have your parents’ same family name, it should be a child and not other relatives. But we can accept exceptions, please consult us by e-mail.

        • He should be studying or he have already studied the High School.

          Executive Business Administration EMBA Course
          (for Managers & Companies)

          Our online Executive MBA programs are designed for working business professionals, managers and executives who need an MBA program that

          • addresses the most current business issues and topics in the business world,
          • teaches up-to-date advanced business skills,
          • offers a free schedule through the Internet.

          This general management program is aimed at experienced managers world-wide who wish to fully exploit their talents and enhance their capabilities.

          The international focus meets the ever increasing demand for general managers with a both technical and professional background. This online MBA Program for experienced managers is focused on entrepreneurship and innovation. You’ll learn to further develop your business knowledge and management skills.

          Professional employees will learn to apply contemporary concepts in four main fields of any company:

          • economics,

          • finance,

          • management,

          • marketing.

            The Executive Business Administration EMBA Curriculum

            Our Executive Business Administration EMBA curriculum introduces advanced level management techniques, including

            • CIO Chief Information Officer Role

            • General Control Theory

            • Feedback Control System

            • Management by Exception

            • Accounting & Finance for Managerial Decisions
            • Internet Sales & Marketing, e-Commerce
            • Group Performance
            • IT Information Technology
            • Strategic Management
            • Crisis Management
            • Human Resources Management
            • Procurement Management (e-Procurement)
            • Software for Business Administration
            • SCM Supply Chain management & RFID
            • Enterprise Resources Planning ERP
            • Customer Relationship Management CRM
            • Workflow
            • VoIP Enterprise Telephony.

              How Executive MBA is different from a regular MBA?

              The Executive EMBA participants are about six years more experienced, on average, than the traditional MBAs. They are therefore about that much farther along in their careers. In addition, the Executive EMBA Program has been designed to offer the skills required for those about to enter the senior management ranks of their organizations, rather than in-depth study in a specific functional area as in the traditional MBA.

              I do not have a bachelor degree, can I still apply?

              Yes. Applicants are with at least three years’ managerial working experience. We would recommend that you should enroll in our course, to enter the senior management ranks of your organization.

              Courses for a Company Group

              For companies that want to train a group of employees, please apply the following discounts:

              • 2 up to 4 applications: 10%

              • 5 up to 9 Aplication: 20%

              • 10 up to 49 applications: 30%.

                Costs, Payments, Lessons, Durations

                • EMBA of Executive Business Administration Courses (Costs, Payments, Lessons, Durations):

                  For the EMBA of Executive Business Administration Course, please click hereIn this Course, you will learn with our lessons and in the end after the final examination, you will receive your Diploma and a letter listing all the studied matters.


                • Executive Business Administration Certifications (Costs):

                  For the EMBA of Executive Business Administration Certification. For this Certification, you will write a few pages paper and in the end, you will receive your Certificate.

                  Online MBA of Project Management PM Course

                  Online Project Management PM Courses is one of the world’s most in-demand skill sets and is one of the fastest growing professional disciplines in the World.

                  Online Project Management PM Courses is used by large corporations, governments, and smaller organizations to standardize and reduce the tasks necessary to complete a project in the most effective and efficient manner and covering any field.

                  Students who master Online Project Management PM Courses learn to lead improvement initiatives that result in measurable growth in return on investment ROI, economic value added, sales growth, customer satisfaction and retention, market share, time to market, employee satisfaction, and employee motivation. By enrolling in our online Project Management PM Course, you will gain skills that you can use immediately in your current job and that will lead to career advancement in the future.

                  The Online Project Management PM Course Curriculum

                  The Online Project Management PM Course curriculum introduces advanced level project coordination techniques within the areas of organization, resource management, quality assurance, and internal and external team communications, including

                  • CIO Chief Information Officer Role

                  • General Control Theory

                  • Feedback Control System

                  • Essentials of Project Management PM
                  • Practice: How to use the Project Management software Microsoft Project 2003 PM, with a working Project Management examples
                  • Practice: How to use the Project Management software Project KickStart PM, with a working Project Management examples
                  • Practice: How to use the Project Management software A-Plan 2004 PM, with a working Project Management examples.

                    The Online Project Management PM Five Phases

                    The Online Project Management PM Course addresses all standard five phases of a project management:

                    • Project Management initiating,

                    • Project Management planning,

                    • Project Management executing,

                    • Project Management controlling,

                    • Project Management closing.

                    This Online Project Management PM training course provides an examination of Project Management PM concepts and strategies. It discusses the components of a management system and the five phases of the project life cycle, and looks at factors that affect cost and quality. The project manager’s role is explored, and strategies for defining the project are examined. The close-out phase of a project is also covered. Other topics include formalizing Project Management PM standards, developing a project team, and strategies for becoming a more effective project manager.

                    Project Management PM have traditionally been the basic unit of work for many engineering organizations—consulting, design, and construction firms. Other types of engineering organizations—government agencies, utilities, manufacturing—are using projects more and more as a way to tackle problems, make improvements, or bring new products and services to market more quickly and efficiently.

                    Projects generally involve working in teams with colleagues from disciplines, departments, and even other companies. Most teams find that the technical portion of the projects is easy. It’s the coordination – the project management – that’s difficult:

                    • getting people to communicate with one another,
                    • making sure that individuals are on schedule with their own tasks to avoid delaying teammates who depend on their output,
                    • getting decisions quickly from the client and management,
                    • keeping the client and management informed.

                    The key to a successful project management is in the planning: being clear on the objectives, deciding how to work together as a team, thinking through how to approach the scope, setting up a schedule and budget, understanding clearly what will make the deliverable acceptable to the client of the project. The easiest way to plan a project is to have those who will execute the work help with the planning. This has the added benefit that the team is ready to hit the ground running during execution.

                    We strongly recommend that your project management team learn all those Online Project Management PM principles, in order to work together.

                    Project Management PM
                    Additional Certification Option

                    This Certification option doesn’t have additional cost:

                    • After the online MBA Project Management PM Course and your specific few pages writed paper, we will issue you a Project Management PM Certificate to certify your abilities in this field.

                      Project Management PM
                      Costs, Payments, Lessons, Durations

                      • Online MBA of Project Management PM Courses (Costs, Payments, Lessons, Durations):

                        For the Online MBA of Project Management PM Course, please click here. In this Project Management Course, you will learn with our lessons and in the end after the final examination, you will receive your Diploma and a letter listing all the studied matters.


                      • Online Project Management PM Certifications (Costs):

                        For the Online Project Management PM Certification.For this Certification, you will write a few pages paper and in the end, you will receive your Certificate


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